Sera Baker, Dave Farmer and Christian Perrin

Wednesday, January 22 2014 at 7:30PM

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12 – 14 Queensbridge Road
NG2 1NB.

Sera Baker, Dave Farmer and Christian Perrin

What's the talk about?

At each event, 3 PhD/EngD/EdD students, and post-docs, from any academic discipline, will explain their work to an audience of laypeople in exchange for a pint or two.

Sera Baker is a doctoral researcher in Archaeology at The University of Nottingham. She studies the small shops of Roman Pompeii before they were destroyed by the AD 79 volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. She can also be found on Twitter @SeraECBaker.

Dave Farmer is a PhD student at the University of Nottingham. He spends his time studying the elastic properties of polymer films. He does this by hitting them with a stick and watching them wobble; the neat thing is that the stick is actually a table-full of laser and the films are 1000 times smaller than a human hair.

Christian Perrin works in the domain of forensic psychology. Broadly, Christian is investigating the question: what can be changed about prisons to make them more effective in terms of reducing re-offending? More specifically, he is looking at meaningful and purposeful activity in prisons (i.e. peer support volunteer roles) and exploring how such activity can impact on a prisoner’s life in prison and in the community after release.