Tony Youens

Tuesday, July 6 2010 at 7:30PM

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Tony Youens

What's the talk about?

The talk will focus on a number of investigations into psychic claims including, Christine Holohan and the murder of Jacqui Poole, Chris Robinson, the 'Dream Detective', and testing a parrot in Chicago for telepathy. A few demonstrations of trickery will be included.

Though always sceptical of psychic claims Tony's interest took off following Granada's James Randi Psychic Investigator series in 1991. Tony has appeared on a number of television and radio programmes over the years including: Kilroy (okay he's sorry), Central Weekend Live, National Geographic, Vanessa, Lowry, Everyman and The Heaven and Earth Show. He posed as a tarot reader for Meridian Focus and an astrologer in The New Zodiac. His favourite was The Ultimate Psychic Challenge which meant working with James Randi.

He is a founding member of ASKE.