Peter Harrison

Thursday, February 3 2011 at 7:30PM

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54 Canal Street,
NG1 7EH.

Peter Harrison

What's the talk about?

An oneironaut, or lucid dreamer, is someone who can deliberately remain consciously awake during a dream and is completely aware of the situation. With the release of Christopher Nolan's latest film, Inception, lucid dreaming has once again been thrown into the public eye. The topic is surrounded by myths, misunderstandings, and controversy. Most communities focusing on lucid dreaming consist of individuals interested in unlocking their psychic potential, or meeting their spirit guides. For this reason, many people connect lucid dreaming with the supernatural. We're all used to hearing about dream interpretation, or people believing their dreams have predicted the future. Discussion of dreams in general invites a skeptical attitude.

What many people (skeptics included) do not realise is that the existence of lucid dreaming has been well established by scientists all over the world and is actively studied in many universities and scientific establishments. There are many peer-reviewed experiments that have shown not only that lucid dreamers can remain awake and control their dream, but even consciously communicate directly with others who are awake. This is a fascinating scientific topic, unfortunately often lumped together with supernatural beliefs.

Peter Harrison is a highly successful lucid dreamer. As a teenager, he developed what is now regarded as one of the most powerful induction techniques for lucid dreaming, and he experiments with lucid dreams every night. But unlike so many of his fellow oneironaughts, he's an active skeptic. This talk covers the reality of lucid dreaming, the scientific evidence and experiments in this interesting field, and the abundant myths and misunderstandings. You will also be shown how you too can take control of your dreamscape.

Peter Harrison is a skeptic, blogger, and magic consultant (working under his own name) and magician/mentalist (working under several stage names) based in Scotland. His award-winning magic material is created and tested within lucid dreams, and features on TV specials and international shows.