Samantha Stein

Tuesday, October 11 2011 at 7:30PM

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54 Canal Street,
NG1 7EH.

Samantha Stein

What's the talk about?

Samantha Stein is the founder and Director of Camp Quest UK, which
runs secular summer camp programmes for children aged 9-16. Camp Quest
has been long established in the US since 1996, and after volunteering
at the Michigan camp in 2007, she decided to set up a similar camp
over here. The first camp premièred in 2009, to much media fanfare,
despite the fact that a couple of miles down the road from the tiny
secular summer camp, there was a Christian jamboree with thousands of
children taking part.

Samantha will be talking about the educational philosophy which makes
the camps unique. She is currently writing a book about the story of
how Camp Quest UK came to be.


Her website is: Her website is: